The sizing solution designed for surgeons and field professionals
- For Mac, Windows and Tablet devices.

Simple, fast and accurate, EndoSize gives you all the necessary tools to plan your endovascular procedures.
EVAR, TEVAR, FEVAR, TAVI or peripheral stenting, EndoSize has a dedicated module for each type of intervention.

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Fusion and more, for every Operating Room

Therenva extends its endovascular imaging solutions with a new tool based on pre-/intra-operative data fusion.

With EndoNaut, your intra-operative imaging device enter a new era of rich and precise 3D information. Deploy your endovascular devices in a safe way while reducing X-ray and contrast agent doses.

EndoNaut is an angio-navigation system designed for all OR environments interfacing with virtually all fluoroscopic imaging devices.

Image fusion

Pre-/Intra-operative data fusion

3D Roadmap

Realtime 3D device localization and tracking


Compatibility with conventional intra-operative imaging


X-ray and contrast agent dose reduction

Unified workflow from planning to OR

Import sizing data from EndoSize and use it during the endovascular procedure


Event Activities

Web-symposiums, conferences, training sessions, web and video media producing, we offer our services to achieve and promote your products or events.

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Our webTv helps to educate and inform health staff through discussions, communications, e-Staff, live medical gestures, interactive clinical cases ... Our content is viewable live and VOD.

Professional Network

Through the professional network, we give the opportunity for health professionals to discuss and exchange by creating multidisciplinary groups to improve patients care.



Therenva, founded in october 2007 as a spin-off from the Inserm UMR1099 LTSI research lab, is dedicated to the development of innovative image guidance systems for minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery.

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