12 Years of Advances in Endovascular Imaging

Since 2007, Therenva’s technology has helped physicians perform over a million cardiovascular procedures worldwide, and counting.

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Introducing the latest addition to the EndoSize software family:
The new TAVI planning module!

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Fusion & Navigation
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Make your OR ready for new challenges with EndoNaut, a unique image fusion system compatible with any C-arm!

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From endovascular case planning to intra-operative navigation, we design the most advanced and user-friendly imaging software toolset for cardiovascular procedures. EndoSize® and EndoNaut® help physicians and healthcare professionals to efficiently plan and execute minimally invasive endovascular interventions. Technologies include cutting-edge image processing algorithms, deep learning, and biomechanical simulation.

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Fusion & Navigation for any C-arm

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12 years of advances in Endovascular Imaging

Since 2007, the Therenva team has been helping physicians perform high quality cardiovascular procedures through innovative, well-designed, efficient, and affordable imaging solutions.

The unique EndoSize 3D case planning software has become an essential tool in the daily practice of many physicians and healthcare professionals. By widening the skills of the users and their abilities to plan cases quickly and accurately, EndoSize saves time and improves patient care.

Today, we offer a breakthrough innovation with the exclusive EndoNaut endovascular navigation solution. EndoNaut is compatible with any C-arm in any operating room. Our goal is to make fusion and guidance technology available to the entire community of vascular surgeons and interventionalists. We can't wait to show you what is next!

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January 28-31st 2020 The Trade Fair Leipzig, Germany

Discover the Mobile Hybrid Room concept @LINC with our partners STILLE and Ziehm Imaging.
[Leipzig Interventional Course].


March 13-14th 2020 Congress Center Porto Palácio Hotel, Porto, Portugal

Vascular surgeons will share their experience with the EndoNaut Fusion in their ORs @PortoLive!
[International Symposium of Angiology & Vascular Surgery]


April 17-18th 2020 The Bellevue Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Let's schedule a meeting to discuss at the Annual Symposium of the PHVS!
[Annual Pennsylvania Hospital Vascular Symposium]


April 21-24th 2020 Olympia London, United Kingdom

We will exhibit @CX with our partner STILLE to connect with you!
[Charing Cross International Symposium]

R&D Partners

We are thankful to institutional players for their support and trust in joining forces with tech leaders to build the next generation of navigation systems